FiberX ABS+CF Filament


Characteristics of our FiberX ABS+CF filament for 3D printing:

  • Precision: +/- 0,03mm
  • Diameter: 1,75mm
  • Weight: 1kg / 2,2 Lbs
  • Printing temperature: 220°C – 255°C
  • Heated bed: 70°C – 100°C
  • Dimensions: 8 × 8 × 3 in
Hardened nozzles are required to avoid excessive wear. Carbon fiber filaments are abrasive and will quickly damage brass nozzles.



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Introducing our innovative FiberX ABS + Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Filament – the ultimate choice for achieving unprecedented strength, durability, and precision in your 3D-printed creations. Crafted from a fusion of high-quality ABS thermoplastic and reinforcing carbon fiber, this filament opens up a realm of possibilities for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Key Features:

  1. Unmatched Strength: The infusion of carbon fiber into the ABS matrix imbues your prints with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring your creations can withstand rigorous applications without compromising on structural integrity.
  2. Enhanced Durability: ABS + Carbon Fiber filament exhibits remarkable resistance to impact and abrasion, making it an excellent choice for producing functional prototypes, tools, mechanical components, and parts that require extended lifespans.
  3. Precision and Dimensional Stability: Benefit from precise and accurate prints with minimal warping, thanks to the ABS’s inherent dimensional stability combined with carbon fiber’s reinforcing properties. This filament is ideal for intricate designs and complex geometries.
  4. Excellent Layer Adhesion: Achieve seamless layer adhesion and reduced risk of delamination, resulting in a smoother and more reliable printing process. This ensures that your prints remain intact, even under heavy stress.
  5. Professional Finish: The matte black appearance of the ABS + Carbon Fiber prints showcases a sleek, professional aesthetic, suitable for both functional prototypes and end-use products.
  6. Ease of Printing: Despite its advanced properties, our ABS + Carbon Fiber filament maintains ease of printing similar to regular ABS filament. Compatible with a wide range of 3D printers, this filament lets you effortlessly bring your designs to life.


– Mechanical Parts: Create robust mechanical components, gears, brackets, and casings that can withstand demanding conditions.

– Prototyping: Develop functional prototypes that closely mimic the characteristics of the final product, saving time and resources during the design iteration process.

– Tooling: Craft durable custom tools and jigs for manufacturing processes that require high strength and precision.

– Engineering Solutions: Address engineering challenges by producing specialized parts that endure stress, temperature fluctuations, and wear.

– Automotive and Aerospace: Manufacture lightweight, strong components for automotive and aerospace applications where performance is paramount.


Unlock a new realm of possibilities with our FiberX ABS + Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Filament. Elevate your creations with the strength and durability they deserve. Whether you’re a professional engineer or an enthusiast pushing the boundaries of innovation, this filament is your gateway to excellence in additive manufacturing.

Hardened nozzles are required to avoid excessive wear. Carbon fiber filaments are abrasive and will quickly damage brass nozzles.

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions8 × 9 × 3 in