E3D V6 Nano Diamondized™ 3D Printer Nozzle

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Characteristics of the E3D V6 Printer Nozzle:

  • Nanodiamond thin film (non-stick polymer)
  • Smoother printing processes
  • Ultra-high temperature resistance
  • Less stringing and clogging
  • Superior precision
  • Extended life cycle printing



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The manufacturing process of this E3D V6 Printer Nozzle started by electroplating the nozzle’s outer surface with 9th-generation nanodiamond crystals. After that, coat these inside and out with a high-temperature non-stick polymer. This is one of the Nano Diamondized™ Nozzles that changed the 3D Printing Industry.

These Nano Diamondized™ Printing Nozzles have been tested by measuring the extrusion activity. These printing nozzles show no change throughout the lifecycle of the nozzle. With minimal temperature drifts, this type of nozzle exhibits better thermodynamics. E3D Printer Nozzles are characterized by less stringing, clogging, less drag, and smoother printing processes. 

The maintenance of the E3D Printer Nozzle is easy. Simply clean the hot end with a paper towel after using, and avoid contact after immediate printing. 


Type of NozzleSizes
E3D V60.4mm
E3D V60.6mm
E3D V60.8mm

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0.4 mm, 0.6 mm, 0.8 mm