Nylon MAX® Black Filament

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Characteristics of the Printalot Nylon MAX® Black Filament for 3D printing:

  • Diameter: 1,75mm
  • Weight: 2,2 Lbs
  • Printing temperature: 220°C-240ºC
  • Heated bed: 80°C-100ºC
  • Dimensions: 8.66 × 8.66 × 3 in
If you use it in AMS, the lid will not close completely; you can download an adaptor here:


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Nylon MAX® is formulated from a copolyamide with added lubricants that give the printed piece extra shine and transparency. Pieces printed with Nylon MAX® are extremely resistant to breakage and wear. It is ideal for manufacturing machines and automotive parts. It can be machined, drilled, and threaded. Its chemical resistance to hydrocarbons is excellent.

Prints with PrintaLot® always come out perfect!


  • Material: Nylon MAX®, Exceptionally impact-resistant, strong, semi-flexible, and resistant to hydrocarbons.
  • Density: 1.12 g/cm³


  • Nozzle Temperature: 220° – 240°C
  • Bed Temperature: 80° – 100°C
  • We recommend using Magigoo PA and a brim of at least 8 mm to improve adhesion and increase the contact surface.
If you use it in AMS the lid will not close completely; you can download an adaptor here:

Additional information

Weight2.2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 3 in