Luminy LX175 PLA | 10kg/22lbs

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  • Plastic Grade: Luminy LX175 PLA
  • Extrude Temperature: 180°C – 210 °C
  • Color: Transparent/Clear
  • USA Bio Preferred Program Certified
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PLA (Polylactic acid) is a bio-based polymer derived from natural resources. It offers a significant reduction in carbon footprint compared to oil-based plastics. Luminy® LX175 is a high viscosity, low flow, amorphous, transparent PLA resin suitable for film extrusion, thermoforming, or fiber spinning.

Total-Corbion has engineered this Polylactic Acid. Luminy LX175 has all the great hallmarks of Raw PLA pellets, as it does not require a heated bed for printing, is made from renewable sources, and is non-toxic.

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LX175 PLA Certified

Luminy® LX175 PLA pellets have a biobased content of 100% and a biobased carbon content of 100% according to EN 16785-1 under certificate number DIC-00001. Luminy® LX175 PLA is certified 100% biobased according to ASTM D6866 under the USA Bio Preferred Program.

Luminy LX175 PLA General Information

Bio-based content

100.0 %

ASTM D6866, EN 16785-1


1.24 g/cm³

Literature value
Residual monomer

0.30000000000000004 mg/kg

Total Corbion PLA method
Water content

0.04 %

max., Coulometric Karl-Fischer